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By Luka Funduk

Best Wedding Venues in New Jersey

Pros, Cons, and Prices

New Jersey offers a myriad of stunning wedding venues to suit every taste, from beachfront settings to grand ballrooms. Here’s a detailed look at ten of the best venues, with their pros and cons, and an overview of what you might expect to spend.

1. The Park Savoy Estate, Florham Park
Pros: The Park Savoy Estate boasts beautifully manicured gardens, an elegant ballroom, and a history of exceptional service. Its scenic views make for unforgettable photography. Cons: Its popularity means booking far in advance is necessary. Some may find it slightly
traditional if they’re after a more modern vibe.
Average Price: Prices typically start at around $150 per guest.
Contact & Website: The Park Savoy Estate ( https://www.theparksavoy.com )

2. The Ashford Estate, Allentown
Pros: Exclusive and secluded, offering stunning landscapes, a grand ballroom, and luxurious accommodations for guests.
Cons: The exclusivity comes with a high price tag and a strict vendor list.
Average Price: Weddings start at approximately $200 per guest.
Contact & Website: The Ashford Estate ( https://www.theashfordestate.com )

3. Liberty House, Jersey City
Pros: Offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, modern facilities, and exceptional food.
Cons: Its urban location means less privacy and outdoor space than more secluded venues.
Average Price: Starts from $175 per person.
Contact & Website: Liberty House 

4. Bonnet Island Estate, Manahawkin
Pros: A private beachfront property with a charming barn for receptions, providing a blend of rustic and upscale atmospheres.

Cons: The coastal location can mean unpredictable weather, and it’s on the higher end
Average Price: Wedding packages start from $250 per guest.
Contact & Website: Bonnet Island Estate ( https://weddingsofdistinctionnj.com/venues/bonnet-island-estate/ )

5. Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren
Pros: Offers a modern yet rustic setting with fantastic food and service. The venue has both indoor and outdoor options.
Cons: Some packages can be expensive, and there are limitations with customization.
Average Price: Around $180 to $220 per guest.
Contact & Website: Stone House at Stirling Ridge ( https://stonehouseatstirlingridge.com )

6. The Manor, West Orange
Pros: Known for its elegant gardens and grand ballroom, The Manor provides a romantic and traditional wedding setting.
Cons: The venue hosts multiple weddings at a time, which might detract from the exclusivity.
Average Price: Starts at around $125 per person.
Contact & Website: The Manor ( https://themanorrestaurant.com/wedding-venues/weddings-photo-gallery/)

7. The Southern Mansion, Cape May
Pros: Offers Victorian elegance and exclusive use of the property for your wedding day. Perfect for those wanting a more intimate, historical setting.
Cons: Its smaller size may not suit larger weddings, and Cape May is a popular destination, which can affect availability and price.
Average Price: Package prices start at around $170 per person.
Contact & Website: The Southern Mansion (https://www.southernmansion.com/cape-may-weddings/)

8. Pleasantdale Château, West Orange

Pros: Set on expansive grounds, this château offers incredible architecture, a serene atmosphere, and comprehensive services.
Cons: The grandeur and service come at a premium price, and dates fill up quickly.
Average Price: Starts from $200 per guest.
Contact & Website: Pleasantdale Château (https://pleasantdale.com/weddings/)

9. The Crystal Plaza, Livingston
Pros: Known for luxurious events, impeccable service, and a stunning setting.
Cons: Cost can be high, and the opulence may not appeal to those seeking a simpler affair.
Average Price: Starts at about $200 per person.
Contact & Website: The Crystal Plaza ( https://www.crystalplaza.com )

10. Battello, Jersey City
Pros: Offers industrial chic right on the waterfront with exceptional views of the skyline and an excellent culinary experience.
Cons: The industrial style might not suit everyone, and being in a busy area can limit privacy.
Average Price: Starting at $175 per person.
Contact & Website: Battello ( https://www.battellojc.com/weddings/ )
Happy venue hunting!