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By Luka Funduk

Why Weddings Get Delayed

Weddings are often called ‘big days’ for a good reason: they’re significant, memorable, and a lot goes into planning them. However, they can also be prone to delays and last-minute hiccups.
Here, we explore five common reasons weddings get delayed and offer practical tips and tricks to avoid these pitfalls.

1. Last-Minute Changes or Additions

Why It Happens:
Couples often want their wedding to be perfect, leading to last-minute changes or additions. These could range from a sudden change in décor to adding a new ritual or guest.
How to Avoid:
– Plan Ahead: Finalize your plans at least a few weeks in advance. Avoid making changes unless absolutely necessary.
– Be Decisive: Trust your initial choices and resist the urge to continually ‘upgrade’ or change plans.
– Delegate: Assign a trusted person to handle any last-minute decisions, so you aren’t burdened on your wedding day.


2. Vendor Delays or Issues

Why It Happens:
Vendors can run late or encounter problems, from caterers to florists. These delays can throw off your entire schedule.
How to Avoid:
– Research and Reviews: Choose reputable vendors with good reviews.
– Clear Contracts: Have detailed contracts that specify timing and backup plans.
– Communication: Maintain regular communication with vendors leading up to the wedding.


3. Weather-Related Setbacks

Why It Happens:
Outdoor weddings are at the mercy of weather. Rain, wind, or even excessive heat can delay proceedings.
How to Avoid:
– Have a Plan B: Always have an indoor or sheltered alternative.
– Weather Tracking: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and plan accordingly.
– Inform Guests: Let guests know of potential changes due to weather.


4. Fashion or Beauty Delays


Why It Happens:
Getting ready for a wedding can take longer than expected, especially with intricate hairstyles, makeup, and attire.
How to Avoid:
– Make sure that you MUA/Hairdresser knows exactly how many people need to get their make up and hair done ,so they can plan accordingly
– Trial Runs: Have a trial session with your hairstylist and makeup artist.
– Start Early: Begin the getting-ready process earlier than you think you need to.
– Simplify Where Possible: Consider simpler hairstyles or attire if time is a concern.


5. Transportation Troubles

Why It Happens:
Issues with transportation, like traffic delays or problems with hired vehicles, can significantly delay your wedding.
How to Avoid:
– Reliable Transportation: Book reputable transportation services.
– Buffer Time: Allow extra time for travel to accommodate unexpected delays.
– Location Scouting: Choose a location that’s easily accessible for most guests.
Additional Tips and Tricks
– Detailed Itinerary: Create a minute-by-minute schedule for the day. Share this with vendors, bridal parties, and families.
-*Emergency Kit: Have a wedding day emergency kit. This should include items like safety pins, a sewing kit, and snacks.
– Stay Calm: Remember that minor delays are normal. Stay calm and flexible.
– Delegate Responsibilities: Assign day-of coordinators or responsible friends/family to handle minor issues.
– Enjoy the Moment: At the end of the day, remember the purpose of the event is to celebrate your union. Embrace the imperfections.

Planning a wedding is no small feat, and some delays are almost inevitable. However, by preparing for these common issues, you can reduce stress and ensure your wedding runs as
smoothly as possible. Remember, the most important thing is the commitment you’re making to
each other, not the minor details of the day.